Object of worship: Gnomes Stools

2 June 2014 | Workshop

At this time, we will tell you interesting facts about 9 stools Gnomes, which became a cult not only because of its design, but also because of the undeniable power of its creator.

1. Author stools French designer Philippe Starck (p. 1949).

Филипп Старк

2. Grandparents stools Gnomes – ordinary garden gnomes. This year the first time in many years, were allowed to use in the garden show in Chelsea. Previously, they were considered a sign of bad taste.


3. Gnomes often becomes a character of German fairy tales. Sometimes they personified the forces of evil, but in the “Snow White” from the Brothers Grimm were on the good side. Like Gnomes by Philippe Starck.


4. It is believed that the word “dwarf” invented physician and alchemist Paracelsus, but any resemblance of the scientist with the “Dwarf” Stark – a pure accident.


5. Stark gave his gnomes names: “Napoleon,” “Attila” (with hands raised) and “Holy Spirit” – he is invisible, leaving only a stump.


6. Gnomes are triune in everything it tables and stools, and ironic art objects.


7. Stark came up with Gnomes stools for hotels St Martins Lane. In 2000, they were collected Kartell, a few years later in “Attila” and “Napoleon” appeared gold version, issued in a limited edition.


8. A photograph taken by Peter Lindbergh in 2003 for the book Kartell, with stool “Attila,” actress Chiara Mastroianni poses. Editor of the book made ​​Sotstsani Frank, editor in chief of Italian Vogue.


9. Gnomes stools become part of the interior of the New York apartment of designer Jonathan Adler.