Object of worship: Artichoke Lamp

2 June 2014 | Workshop

We found 10 interesting facts about the iconic lamp with the speaker called Artichoke.

1. Author lamp Poul Henningsen Danish designer (1894-1967)610x428_Quality97_649x456_Quality97_AD_Poul-Henningsen_[1]

2. The prototype was the artichoke lamp – a plant of the family Asteraceae

3. The first eight fixtures Artichoke were made specifically for the Copenhagen restaurant Langelinie Pavillonen, the interior of which they cover and to this day


4.That’s how the sketch looked Artichoke sample 1958

5.The fixture can be in four sizes: 24 to 42 cm in diameter


6. The fixture consists of 72 petals, which are attached to the steel bands 12


7.Artichoke design feature is that from any point to it or look, the light source will always be hidden from view


8. Classic Artichoke covered with copper. There are also variations of steel and white glass


9.Artichoke installation is done manually at the factory Louis Poulsen. A fragile glass models were collected at home by the customer


10.In 2008, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company Louis Poulsen Artichoke issued a commemorative series of 50 pieces, covered with 24-carat gold. At the moment, all of them are already sold out