Object of worship: Armchair LC2

2 June 2014 | Facts

8 interesting facts about the subject of worship, a chair with a frame made of steel tubes:

1. The first sketches of LC2 appeared in 1927

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2. Although it is considered the result of collective creativity, reflected in its title the name of one of Le Corbusier

Авторы кресла архитекторы  Ле Корбюзье (1887–1965), Пьер Жаннере (1896–1967) и Шарлотта Перриан (1903–1999)

Авторы кресла архитекторы  Ле Корбюзье (1887–1965), Пьер Жаннере (1896–1967) и Шарлотта Перриан (1903–1999)

3. In 1929, at the Paris exhibition Salon d’Automne LC2 has become part of the installation on new concepts of luxury
4. The revolutionary design: furniture frame before hiding inside upholstery, while the LC2 he handed out and is made of steel tubes
5. Armchair LC2 – a contemporary version of the classic club chair
6. LC2 chair in the interior of the Paris apartment of designer and artist Herve van der Straten
7. In the traditional version of the LC2 is covered in black leather, but now Cassina produces this model in colored upholstery and designer Stefan Zwicky made ​​a concrete version of the chair
8. Heidi Weber, a collector and a fan of Le Corbusier from Switzerland, begins commercial production of chairs, and since 1965 under the brand produce LC2 Cassina