Предмет культа: Кресло Eames Lounge and Ottoman

2 June 2014 | Facts

7 entertaining facts about the cult object Eames Lounge and Ottoman by Vitra in our regular feature.

1. Frame of modern seats Eames Lounge and Ottoman is made of seven layers of plywood, while the older models of these layers was five.


2. Authors chairs American designers Ray (1912-1988) and Charles (1907-1978) Eames.


3. Imzy want their chair resembled an old baseball glove.
4. During World War II, Ray and Charles developed plywood tires for wounded soldiers, and then began to do the same technology furniture.

5. Imzy chair invented in 1956 as a gift to his friend Billy Wilder, the director of the film “Some Like It Hot.”


6. Heel shoes Eamz, who came up with Rem Koolhaas D. (relative and namesake of the famous Dutch architect) for brand United Nude, copied from the legs chair Eames Lounge.
7. Since 1960, the chair Eames Lounge and Ottoman is a collection of New York’s MoMA, where in 2006 he was given a “personal” exhibition