Geniuses changed the outlook of millions of people!

31 May 2014 | Workshop

Before you do something unusual, you need to be inspired by a man. Below is a list of “my instigators” of people who have pushed for the creation of a kind of unusual

Horacio Pagani – Renaissance man.

He has come a long way, which can not be calculated in years or kilometers. From dream to reality yard boys, in which he – the head designer and a real inspiration for the production of the famous “art on wheels”.

Ferdinant Porsche – a genius ahead of his time.

This man became a legend of the XX century. He rejected the offer of one dictator and he was welcomed by the other; he did manage to divine sports cars and damn did not work out tanks; he believed that it was motor racing – the propeller of technological progress. By the end of the world rankings, just two of his offspring – Porsche 911 and Volkswagen “Beetle” – entered the top five star “Car of the Century”, and he himself was given the title of Engineer century.

Salvador Dali – in his work answers hidden, somewhere inside.

A man whose life and work provoked at the time an explosion of excitement and indignation in the community. I really think of myself as the savior of contemporary art, for I alone can elevate, and combine with the regal splendor and the beauty of the mind to reconcile with all the revolutionary experiments of our time, following the great tradition of classical realism and mysticism, this highest and honorable mission that befell Spain.

Tonino Lamborghini – a luxury as a tool.

Products ‘TLG’ belongs to the category, which is usually called ‘luxury’. Why should concentrate on luxury goods? Should not turn his gaze to the mass consumption? This question simply says Tonino – a luxury for him has long ceased to be a sign of status. Indeed, in our time, you can save on almost everything; what is the meaning of luxury watches and studded with sapphires nail scissors? Luxury at a Lamborghini turned into a tool, the potential, the possibility to create around himself the world of symbols, peace concepts.

Sergio Pininfarina – the hero of car design

From 1988 to 1992, Sergio Pininfarina was the head of the Italian employers’ federation (Confindustria). In 1991, in Detroit Sergio Pininfarina was awarded an honorary award for his contribution to automotive design (“Lifetime Achievement Designer Award”). In 2005, Pininfarina was awarded the title for life senator of the Italian Republic. Pininfarina design company known for a variety of car brands including Ferrari, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, Cadillac, Opel, Citroen, Peugeot and Honda.V total from 1950 to 2005 at the enterprises Pininfarina has raised more than a million cars.

Luigi Colani – virtuoso aerodynamics.

His world – almost a philosophy: nature has all up to us, we also need only create things that would not contradict its laws. “Nature has had millions of years to create the world, such as it is, and we have – only a hundred years foolish aerodynamics,” – he says.

Ron Arad – the man of steel.

He was able to get the sheet metal plasticity and forced him to turn into a work of art. Working with form and advanced technologies, Ron Arad established himself as one of the most influential designers of our time. Since the early 80s he declared himself as the leader of post-industrialism and creator of sculptural furniture.

Ron Arad always avoided stamps. He did not want the critics called it a designer or an architect, and in each of these areas has earned a reputation as a rebel, continually challenging established methods. Arad imagined a generation of designers-nuggets, which started to create out of economic necessity and turned into pets rich, dictating prices for piece goods.