Предмет культа: Столик Noguchi Coffee Table

2 June 2014 | Workshop

We have carefully studied the history of design and found 10 amusing facts about the cult table Noguchi Coffee Table

1. Author wallpapers – American designer Isamu Noguchi Japanese origin (1904-1988)


2. Isamu Noguchi was primarily a sculptor, and then to the designer. Noguchi Coffee Table legs resemble his art objects


3. Isamu Noguchi table saw his best design work


4. In 1947, the American brand Herman Miller Noguchi Coffee Table included in its catalog. In Europe, since 2002, the table produces a Swiss company Vitra


5. Worktop Noguchi Coffee Table is made of glass thickness of 19 mm, and the size of the table 40 × 127 × 91 cm


6. In 1939, under the influence of surrealism Noguchi created a table Anson Conger Goodyear for President MoMA. This item was the prototype Noguchi Coffee Table


7. Originally conceived Noguchi Noguchi Coffee Table as a gift to my sister’s birthday


8. Noguchi Coffee Table requires space – to other furniture not overshadow his sculptural base


9. Noguchi Coffee Table is in close relationship with decorations for ballet choreographer Martha Graham, with whom Noguchi collaborated since 1942


10. In 2003, the producers decided to mark the Noguchi Coffee Table signed by the designer. At Vitra it is situated on the tabletop, at Herman Miller – at its edge