TM-Performance – vehicle parts only, original and creative products

We are a creative studio, which is located in Kiev. We create beautiful, functional products and interior using car parts

People and process

How magic is born in our workshop
Temur Mullayanov
Temur Mullayanov

Art Director

Temur idea - to create this project arose from crazy love to machines(vehicles)



Anya incredible girl which knows all about cars and beautiful interior items . In addition - the mastermind

Skillful hands
Skillful hands

Skilled craftsmen

We are pleased that we have people in our team who able to embody the most daring ideas.

Spare parts
Spare parts

Raw material

The process of the development creative products starts with the selection of parts. An important component of the process

We love what we do — breathe new life to dead stuff!

Our products are on a par with the development paced auto industry worldwide


Easy. Open. Nice.

People think that exclusive cost a lot. We will dispel your doubts, as you may correct the price by yourself.

You choose any internal part of a car and just configure it. It could be as a regular painting and painting exclusive colors, processing on a milling machine or simply grinding, engraving initials or just random grinding, mechanism development, fixing or turnkey solution.

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Birth of TM-Performance

Temur Mullayanov

My first visit to the station became a surprise for me. There I first saw a lot of unnecessary piece of iron, among which I have found: the crankshaft, shock absorbers, connecting rods, pistons, etc. There's the first time I tooked up all these gizmos that struck me with its shapes and curves. Studying them, I began to understand the operation of the internal combustion of an engine at a different levels.

In my own mind, I began to scroll ideas, create something unusual, that would be all surprised and remains in memory. Had a lot of drawings and paintings before get what you see today.

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